Auckland New Zealand

Auckland Sky Tower

La Skytower, siempre presente en el paisaje de Auckland

The Sky Tower, always present in Auckland´s landscape

The Sky Tower is a La Sky Tower is a famous landmark in Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city.

Skytower from below

The SkyTower from its base

It is impossible to walk on it and not see it on the horizon line. Subir offers a panoramic view of the entire city and its coastline. Access costs 28 New Zealand dollars (about 20 dollars) and allows access to the Sky Deck (220 meters) and the main Observatory (186m). From there, paying a succulent extra you can do the Sky Walk, a walk through the outer ring of the observatory using a harness and attached to a security cable or the Sky Jump, a controlled fall to the base of the building.

Vista desde la Skytower Auckland

Panoramic view from the Skytower in Auckland

Here I share a short video of the view from the tower.

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