Buceo en Salto Uruguay

Diving in the Salto Quarries – Uruguay

In 2012 I decided to do the Rescue Diver course. Diving is not a dangerous activity but it has some risks so I thought it was reasonable to learn how to react in case of an emergeny or accident. Luckily I never had to apply it but you never know.

Diving in the quarries of Salto

Después de completar la parte teórica, la parte práctica se hizo en las canteras “El Terrible“ en Salto, Uruguay. De las mismas se extrajo la piedra basáltica para construir la represa de Salto Grande y posteriormente quedaron inundadas. Es un lugar muy visitado por escuelas de buceo de Buenos Aires, Rosario y alrededores para hacer las inmersiones de “aguas abiertas“ al finalizar el curso de buceo de Open Water. La operadora del lugar se llama Prodive y te atienden muy bien.

The small quarry

Cantera Chica en Salto

In the small quarry we practiced the exercises to locate a lost diver and bring him to surface. Then we continued with the unconscious diver on surface, CPR and the (tiring!) transfer to the boat or coast. Meanwhile, during the two days had the chance to doo some more divesin the ¨Small¨ quarry and in the so-called “Big” quarry. This is how they were:

The small quarry has a depth of about 6 meters maximum, with an acceptable visibility. The diving operator does a special maintenance to achieve this and it´s possible that to find some tablet of chlorine in the bottom of the quarry (?). Anyway the landscape is pleasant, with enough underwater vegetation and some breams.

Cantera Chica - Salto

The big quarry

The large quarry is, as its name describes, greater in size and depth. The day we went the visibility was very limited with greenish water. The peculiarity of the site is a sunken bus. It is possible to penetrate it and see some old advertises such as a hairdressing business (bizarre!).

Inside the bus in the big quarry

In summary, I think that the two quarries are ok for diving practices or to get wet if the dive abstinence becomes intolerable… anyway it was a good experience!

Paisaje subacuático en la Cantera Chic

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