Buceo Embalse Rio Tercero Córdoba

Embalse Río Tercero – Argentina


In September 2014, I went diving at the Río Tercero Reservoir in Córdoba. Our operator was Gaby´s Buceo de Gabriel Bergonzi, who provides excellent service. We stayed at Estancia La Aguada, some duplexes far from the center of Embalse, which were very comfortable to assemble and then dry the equipment.

Diving in the Third Power Plant

The first day we dived in the Third Power Plant and we had terrible visibility. I’ve seen other photos of that place and it’s certainly not always what we got that day. There is an underwater circuit with ropes that take you to different submerged objects, but on several occasions we got lost (we are certainly not diving in caves, right?). On several occasions we had to surface with Junachi to see where we were. With these ups and downs, my computer ended up counting 6 dives of what was one. The cherry was that I took a stone in front of me and scratched an Ikelite wide-angle lens. Anyway…

Moras stones Dam


The second day we went to the Piedras Moras Dam and it was much better. The place has a semi-submerged building that knew how to be an old power plant. You can enter and at the bottom you can find catfish, old water and piglets. Continuing towards the center of the reservoir you can find the old river bed with several submerged trees.


A catfish near the old power plant in the Pidras Moras dam

Bonus data:

Visibility: depends on the day. It can reach 5 meters
Water temperature: 15ºC
Suit: 5mm Wet
A plus: Gaby´s Buceo offers Nitrox !! (EAN 32).


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