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Las Grutas – First dives in cold waters

In August 2009 I joined a diving trip organized from Buenos Aires to las Grutas, Province of Río Negro in southern Argentina. We travelled by bus (lasted about 18 hours by traffic) and arrived quite late.

Scuba diving in las Grutas

We did the dives with the only operator in town,  Cota Cero. The dives were in the “Good side”, “The platform”, “The savior” and the shipwreck “Don Felix”.

Las Grutas - Buceo
This was my first experience in cold water with a thick wet suit (double 7mm) and lots of weights (14kg). The visibility was really not very good reaching just 4 meters. Over time I realized that diving under these conditions makes diving in tropical areas much easier.
Last photo before flooding. RIP Sealife DC800
There is a saying: ¨the world of underwater photographers is divided into two groups, those who have flooded their cameras and those who are about to flood them. “. On that trip I flooded my Sealife DC800. I must say I never had great affection for it. That´s the reason I do not have underwater photos of that trip. This served as a lesson to increase the care of my next cameras.
Other info:
Water temperature: 11ºC o 52ºF
Visibility: Varies day by day
Life: ¨Meros¨ and ¨Turcos¨ mainly

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