Scuba diving in Puerto madryn Argentina

Returning to the cold waters of Puerto Madryn – Argentina

Lobos marinos en Madryn

After the tropical paradises, we returned to the cold waters of southern Argentina, back to Puerto Madryn to dive with the sea lions and the shipwrecks in the area.

Wreck Photography Workshop 2015

Madryn 2015-3

As in 2013, in August of this year the shipwreck photography workshop was organized by Sergio Massaro and the people of Scuba Duba, always with the same good vibes and camaraderie (including various culinary tastings by various establishments in Madryn) . There were three days in which we went to the seal and visited all the sunken ships although we concentrated mainly on the Folias.

Gaby en el Folias

Gabriela Faenza diving in the Folias wreck, Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Lobitos juguetones

Sea lions playing with divers in Puerto Madryn

During the second day we had a small problem when we arrived at the wolf site when too much water entered the boat due to the strong waves and the bilge pump was not enough. We jumped all the divers into the water without vests and the boat shot out to drain. Luckily after a few minutes I was back and we followed the program without problems.

During the three days we had optimal visibility conditions so very good photos came out.

Madryn 2015-5-5

El Doradillo – Whale watching (with surprise included)

Madryn 2015-1

Albino calf

After the days of diving, we made a getaway to Doradillo, a beach north of Puerto Madryn where whales are usually seen a short distance from the coast. There we were able to take photos of the “fat” and especially an albino calf, incredible curiosity of nature.

Madryn 2015-2

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