Cartagena Centro Historico

Scuba Diving in Cartagena – Colombia

Centro histórico de Cartagena

Scuba diving in Cartagena

After not diving for a year thanks to a shoulder surgery, in February 2011 we decided to travel to Colombia to visit Cartagena and its surroundings before our last stop in the island of San Andrés.

Brain Coral Cartagena

We spent several days through the historic center, went to the Rosario Islands, and one day I went diving with Cartagena Divers to the Baru area. Isabel Cristina Giraldo and the staff of the shop are very friendly!

Cartagena 2011 4

First we went to “Lora Azul” where we had about 10 meters of visibility (it was not the best day). We did some nice passes through tunnels formed by corals and we reached a maximum depth of 23 meters. The dive lasted about 45 minutes.  After an hour of surface time we went to the Tolu and Atlas Shipwrecks where the visibility improved considerably. Inside one of the ships, it is possible to penetrate into the cabin where there´s an air bubble. We saw plenty of life and a large 1 meter barracuda got really close. By that time I already bought a new camera, a Canon S90 with Canon underwater case that I bought on a trip to Japan. A very good camera that still gives me many satisfactions.

Cartagena 2011 6


Cartagena 2011 2

En una burbuja

They were good dives to warm up for what came later in San Andrés


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