Diving in Mar del Plata

In this post I share with you what it is like to dive in shores of Mar del Plata, Argentina

In September 2019 (prior to the pandemic), we made a weekend getaway with Tincho do some shore dives and practice some macro photography with the seahorses.

Mar del Plata shore. Home of the seahorses

We went early Saturday to Hugo’s house, a friend of Tincho’s who treated us excellently. We assembled the equipment and went to the jetty to do the dives. We ended up doing one dive on Saturday and another on Sunday. Visibility turned out to be horrible (bad luck, it’s not always like that), at the moment being impossible to maintain contact between dive buddies. At the bottom, at a depth of 7 meters, there are many remains of nets and fishing lines. It is there where algae accumulate and the seahorses hide. You have to be very careful not to get tangled, so it is highly recommended to carry a knife or a line cutter.

Hippocampus patagonicus in Mar del Plata

Despite the poor visibility I was able to take a couple of photos although I still have a lot to learn. During the afternoon, we couldn’t avoid entering the Sacoa gallery (a classic arcade video game venue), which brought back many memories of our adolescence.

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