Traful Lake 2014 – Argentina


At the beginning of 2014 we visited Lake Traful for the second time, again with Sergio Massaro and friends from the Michen-Co de Cipoletti school. Already on my previous trip

I had been amazed by the submerged cypress forest. I recommend reading my previous post about how the forest was submerged under water (

Diving in the submerged forest of Traful

Bosque del Traful

Volcanic ashes in the submerged forest

Ashes of the Puyehue volcano could still be seen at the bottom of the lake and the trunks of submerged trees. Again the first day we did two dives on the north side of the lake, where the forest is located and the next day we dived under the viewpoint wall. The water was very cold so it was good to have a hot soup during the surface intervals. Once on land, we took advantage of the night to go for a walk and take some night photos on the rocky beach.


Traful Lookout Wall


The second day we walked along the beach until we reached just below the viewpoint from where we made two shore dives to the right, where the wall is located. The most interesting part of it is in the meters near the surface where a step with mica glitters has formed. We also discovered some small caves where you can enter a couple of meters, which are a good place to take photos.

Vista nocturna en el Traful

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