Bali Ubud

Ubud – Bali, Indonesia

After passing through the Gili islands, we returned to Bali and moved away from the coast to go to Ubud. This town is well known for being a cultural and artistic center in Bali.

Visiting Ubud 

Monkey Temple Ubud

There we visited the Sacred Monkey-Forest Sanctuary where several monkeys harassed us asking for food and then we walked along the Monkey Forest Road seeing the colorful businesses and fairs until we reached the Ubud Palace. In the Puri Lukisan museum there is an exhibition of Balinese art that we found very interesting.

Ubud Bali

Being a very touristy place, many people can gather during the day, so we decided to leave the center to the north and suddenly we were walking among rice paddies and wooden houses. There we sat down for lunch in a makeshift little outdoor porch and had the best carrot and apple juice I’ve ever tasted. Safety pin!

demonio balines

Bali demons 

Ubud -7

Rice fields in Ubud

Ubud -6

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