Underwater Photography Competition Results – Puerto Madryn 2012

This year I participated for the second time in the Underwater Photography Contest of Puerto Madryn organized by the Association of Diving Operators (AOB). The competition was really hard, not only because of the high level of the photographers but also the poor conditions of visibility that we had during the competition.

The contest modality is “direct take from the camera”,which mean that any type of digital edition, cut or retouch in the photo is not allowed. After each diving day, the memory leaves the camera and is directly delivered to the jury for downloading

Underwater Photography Contest

With my diving partner Juanchi Dibbern, in the first of the dives we got lost 50 minutes under water with a visibility of just over 1 meter. We were unable to find the place where there was more aquatic life. Luckily, in the second we were able to better orient ourselves and improve the photographic production.
Finally, one of my photos won 4th place in the Macro category. It is a “Devil”, a fish about 4cm long and with a very restless personality.

Another one of my photos won the 2nd prize in the improvised category “Plankton” which replaced the sea lions due to lack of visibility. The image (The fish is a Grouper) shows quite well the amount of sediment that was in the water.

The general results:

Ambience with diver:
1 Matias Lipsker
2 Alejandro Mariño
3 Axel Feuereisen

1 Claudio Nicolini
2 Cristian D`Aquino
3 Guillermo Bolognesi

1 Javier Crespi
2 Axel Feuereisen
3 Claudio Nicolini

1 Stephen Johnson
2 Alejandro Corvetto
3 German Gomez

Winner of the Contest
Javier Crespi

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