Puerto Madryn Argentina

Underwater Photography Contest 2011 – Puerto Madryn

Madryn2011 2

Underwater Photography in Puerto Madryn

In May 2011 I participated in the first Submarine Photography Contest in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. It was organized by the Association of Diving Shops of the city (AOB – Asociación de Operadores de buceo). The competition dives were in “Las Piedras” and “Big Stones” during the first day. The second day the photography session was held in the loberia and involved only snorkeling.


Diego, mi compañero. Esta foto muestra como un flash mal posicionado provoca backscatter o particulado

Diego, my partner. This photo shows how a poorly positioned flash causes backscatter or particulate

It was a very good experience to meet people who share the same passion. I was experimenting with a Sealife flash which took a long time to load so I was not satisfied with my photos. I had a great time anyway. Puerto Madryn is a beautiful destination that I really love.


Madryn2011 3

Groupers (Meros)

Madryn2011 5

Sunrise in Puerto Madryn

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