Playa Puerto Madryn

Wreck Photo Workshop in Puerto Madryn 2013 – Argentina

Pablo en el Miralles

In June I participated in Puerto Madryn to an underwater photography workshop in Shipwrecks.

Wrecks in Puerto Madryn

As I mentioned in another post, there are currently three wrecks in the area, the Follias, the Miralles and the Albatros. Since these last two are much deeper than the first, most of the dives were concentrated in the Follias.

Buceando en el Follias

Diving in the Follias

Juanchi en el Follias

Juanchi in the Follias

So long Ikelite DS-51

The first day we went out in the afternoon at high tide, which meant that the interior of the Follias had very good visibility. For reasons that I still don’t understand, my Ikelite DS51 flash stopped working at the 40th minute of the second dive and has been useless to date. Reading online, I later found out that this has already happened to other photographers. It was a good flash to start with, although not very powerful. A particularity that the flashes of this brand have is that to shoot them you have to connect them by a sealed electrical cable to the watertight (which is a risk) or to an Ikelite photocell. Luckily Axel loaned me a Fantasea flash that worked well for the rest of the dives.

Buceando en el Follias

Follias interior

Buceando en el Follias

On the second day we were able to go out but the weather was cloudy and at times rainy so the natural light was very limited. Complying with the rule of the first dive must be the deepest, we went first to Miralles and then to Follias. On the third day something better dawned and we started in the Albatros. Afterwards we did a dive in the Punta Lomas seal and crowned with a very long 84 minute dive in the Follias with the water at 12ºC. We end the day with a well-deserved boiling shower!

Pablo en el Albatros

Pablo in the Albatros

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